We are receiving many positive reviews of High Seas Pirates, as they come in we will be listing them here.  Feedback is fantastic, so keep it coming in please.

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Comments From Playtesting

Comments from our recent playtesting at Airecon and UKGamesExpo . Thank you to everyone who played the game even if you left no comments, the fact you played (and enjoyed) High Seas Pirates makes us very happy. 🙂

Fun varied elements to appeal to different players
Fun game, some good mechanics eg abandon ship to tactically reset
Captain cards please (planned for future expansions)
Ship variants please (planned for future expansions)
Looks like better with more people
Definitely worth playing again and very enjoyable
Love the theme and balance of resources
Good fun taking on other players and great event
Able to attack person helping please (alternate advanced rule not used in demo)
Really enjoyed the game lots of different aspects to keep game going and people guessing
Special ability to spend buried treasure please (planned for future expansions)
Good “take that” game
Really enjoyed thanks
A fun quick easy to understand game
Really good!
Great fun and awesome length of time
Only played 2 player but looks decent. Seems a bit fiddly at first but a couple of turns in it all settles in well
Fun game with simple enough rules to get going straight away
Loved the game very enjoyable. Great family game