Special #UKGE Earlybird for #highseaspirates from 11am GMT http://kck.st/2rQgUEA

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As a thank you to everyone who visited our stand at #ukgamesexpo this year, played our game or even just walked by and kept one of our leaflets. Starting today from 11am GMT for a limited time we are offering a #UKGE  earlybird special on our Kickstarter. Check out our kickstarter page for more info

High Seas Pirates on Kickstarter




2 thoughts on “Special #UKGE Earlybird for #highseaspirates from 11am GMT http://kck.st/2rQgUEA

  1. Hi there,

    I sadly never got a chance to play this at UKGE 2017. I just received your Kickstarter mail and tried to respond but the mail never got through. If you could get in touch that would be great, we would be happy to do a little preview of the game if you are sending out preview copies and see if we can help drive some traffic to it.

    – Chris

    For and on behalf of GeekOutSW.com


    1. Chris,

      thanks for your response! we are always looking for people to preview the game, and we can do one better. It looks from the GeekOutSW.com site that you have regular meetups in Bristol. Carmik Games are more than happy to pop along to one and demo our game for your group. We will drop you an email and arrange a date for us to visit.


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